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Joanne Lyons,

LCM (Dip), BSc (Hons) Psych, BACP.

As a qualified professional Massage Therapist with 24 years experience, I have a passion for natural healthcare and understand  how massage plays an amazing role in maintaining wellbeing.

Using the Swedish Massage approach in which I am trained and licensed to practice, I will provide you with a relaxing massage, helping you to unwind and restore your mind and body. If you are looking for beyond relaxation, I am experienced in treating clients who come with a range of problems. These include; stress, muscular tension and pain, repetitive strain, sciatica, arthritis, sleep problems, multiple sclerosis, pre and post operative patients, anxiety and depression, athletes pre and  post events, irritable bowel, diabetes as well as post-natal mums. 

I work from home as well as travel to clients. Massage treatments  take place on a professional massage couch, in an ambient atmosphere, using fresh, clean towels and quality massage oils. Additionally, essential oils may be used in a candlelit  burner and the carrier oil if preferred, to enhance the therapeutic holistic effects of the massage.


I am a professionally licensed member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists  (APNT) and the British  Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), I am trained to and work within the required standards set by these associated bodies. I hold a Diploma  as a Professional Massage Therapist from the London College of Massage which includes certification in Anatomy and Physiology. I  therefore work ethically and in accordance with the expectations and policies of these organisations. Your treatments are confidential and conducted with professionalism and sensitivity. You can also be assured your modesty is protected at all times by towels. 

Your wellbeing is at the heart of what I do and I am delighted to say my clients always report an improvement, a positive change when their massage treatment is over. You can go to my Facebook page 'West London Massage' and see client ratings and feedback for yourself.  Happily, many clients have remained with me for a number of years, several of whom take advantage of the multiple treatment discount option. I enjoy helping people feel better, whether I see them only once or over a period of time. 

I also provide a corporate massage service using an on -site professional massage chair. In particular I have achieved great success massaging British Airways staff at  London Heathrow Airport and the Body Chaud Gym in the Bloomsbury Hotel. Contact me if you are interested in having a corporate on-site massage experience.

My aim is to give YOU a unique, beneficial, natural healthcare experience that meets or goes beyond the clients expectations. I'm looking forward  to meeting you. Give me a call and book that relaxing massage you've been longing for!

Joanne Lyons,

LCM (Dip), BSc (Hons) Psych,  BACP.




Need to relax? Feeling stressed or have aches and pains that may benefit from a professional body treatment? Massage helps;

  • Improves blood circulation, removes toxins,

  • reduces muscle tension, stress and depression

  • alleviates back pain, boosts energy, releases natural endorphins and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Call West London Massage and take that step towards feeling good on 020 8579 1249 or 07780 902045.


West London Massage



Treatments and Fees 

All massage treatments are Swedish therapeutic in style, which includes long rhythmic strokes as well deeper pressure where needed, you can request the massage to be light or firm.

 Full  (60 min) body treatments  utilise a professional massage couch and include legs, back, shoulders, neck, head, face, arms, hands and feet (abdomen on request). Customers are required to leave their  lower underwear on for modesty protection.

Back and shoulder massage treatments (30 min) utilise either the professional couch or massage chair as illustrated. 

Contraindications apply, please wait until you are recovered if you have a cold virus, recently had surgery or have consumed alcohol or non-prescription drugs within 12 hours of treatment. All massage treatments are by appointment only.



Full body massage  60 min

@ my business address           £40.00

multiple treatment discount: pay for 4 in advance for £140

Back neck and shoulder 30 min   £20.00

multiple treatment discount: pay for 4 in advance for £70

Full body massage  60 min

@ your home address             £75.00

multiple treatment discount: pay for 4 in advance for £280


West London Massage

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